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  • Persecutory delusion by Paula Herrera

    29 octubre, 2019 by

    Delirio de persecución por Paula Herrera -Good Morning Monsieur……. The psychiatrist got up from his chair, shook the patient’s hand and made a friendly face meanwhile, he was waiting for the response. – Good Morning Doctor, I’m Marcus. – Hey Marcus, I’m glad to meet you. I’m Raymond. -Buenos días señor……. El psiquiatra se levanto… Más información

  • My perpetual Journey by Paula Herrera

    26 octubre, 2019 by

    Mi viaje perpetuo por Paula Herrera Imagine a 6-year-old-girl, the youngest of three competent, agile and intelligent siblings living in Bogotá; the enormous capital where competitiveness was latent in our daily life. Barely was I able to speak Spanish when my mother was already inculcating me a foreign language, the one which could make my… Más información

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